How to Raise a Concrete Slab

Concrete raising, also known as mudjacking, slabjacking, or sidewalk lifting, involves raising concrete slabs to match the existing grade. This prevents trip hazards and improves the aesthetics of concrete slabs. concrete raising near me is an excellent resource for this. The process is also more cost-effective than replacing an entire concrete slab. And the procedure requires less manual labor.


One of the most common ways to raise concrete slabs is by injecting polyurethane foam. This material is relatively lightweight and contains a high level of flexibility. It is injected under a concrete slab via small holes drilled into the concrete. The foam expands beneath the slab, stabilizing the sub-soil, and raising the concrete back to its original level. The process uses minimal patchwork and has no waste.

A concrete slab raised with this technique does not need to be replaced and does not require extensive repair work. In fact, it can be done in less than an hour. The process saves 30% to 50% on the cost and time compared to a full concrete replacement. In addition to being cost-effective, concrete raising is a great option for fixing a sunken slab.

There are two main methods for raising concrete slabs. Traditional methods involve replacing the entire concrete slab. Mudjacking is an inexpensive alternative to full replacement, but has many drawbacks. Mudjacking requires a lengthy drying time and may cause additional damage. Polyurethane concrete raising is faster and more effective than mudjacking, and it is a much better value for the money. For most projects, polyurethane concrete raising is the most effective option.

Another way to lift sagging concrete is by using polyurethane mudjacking. Mudjacking involves injecting a slurry into voids beneath the concrete slab. This mudjacking process also levels the slab and provides positive drainage away from the house. Mudjacking is one of the oldest methods for repairing sunken concrete. It involves drilling small holes in the slab and pumping crushed calcium rock slurry through the holes. The concrete raised with mudjacking is level again in 24 hours.

Concrete raising is an affordable method that involves using pressure to lift concrete slabs. The process is quick and safe and minimizes disturbance to the surrounding area. The process can raise a concrete slab in a matter of minutes. If the soil is poorly compacted, it may sink further. However, it can be performed on a slab with a well-compacted base layer.

A concrete slab that has settled is not only unsafe, but it can also cause water problems in the basement. In addition to water problems, it may have voids underneath the slab, creating an unstable surface. Those voids can cause the slab to rock or make hollow sounds when tapped. It may also be a tripping hazard.

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