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Joint pain is a common ailment that can limit a person’s activities. QC Kinetix (Marietta) is an excellent resource for this. Thankfully, there are many treatment options available to help ease joint pain. Most commonly, patients can turn to pain medications to help with the symptoms. While these medications are helpful, they do not fight the underlying cause of the pain. Consequently, patients should seek the advice of a doctor if the pain persists, or becomes unusual.

Joint pain can come from many different causes, from an injury to an infection, or it can even be from a chronic condition such as arthritis. While some of these conditions can be managed by self-medication, there are more serious cases that require the help of a medical professional. Fortunately, there are many treatment options available, and many sufferers can find a combination that works for them.

Some patients can even undergo total joint replacement. Total joint replacement is a surgical procedure that involves removing the painful joint and replacing it with an implant made of plastic, metal, or ceramic. This implant is meant to look and function like a natural joint. Patients should expect several months of physical therapy before they can resume normal activities.

Physical exams will include checking the joints for swelling, redness, and warmth, as well as checking how well they move. X-rays and bone scans may also be necessary to determine the type of arthritis that’s causing the pain. These tests will reveal any damage to the surrounding tissue and identify any bone spurs. The doctor may also order blood tests to confirm the diagnosis and rule out other conditions.

Physical therapy will help ease joint pain and aid in the healing process. The goal is to regain strength, flexibility, and stability of the joint. Physical therapy is not a substitute for surgery, but it can help relieve joint pain while reducing the severity of symptoms. If physical therapy is not enough, doctors may recommend joint replacement or arthroscopy. In the meantime, rest and ice applications can reduce joint swelling and reduce pain.

Physical therapy involves stretching exercises and customized strengthening exercises to reduce joint pain and improve mobility. In some cases, a doctor may recommend a brace or a walking boot to help with function and stability. At home, you can also manage joint pain using simple home remedies. Alternating hot and cold treatments may help reduce joint stiffness. In addition, you can use a heated blanket to help with joint pain at night.

A physiotherapist can prescribe drugs that may be effective at reducing the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. Pain medication may include anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen and naproxen sodium. However, stronger NSAIDs can have negative side effects, including gastrointestinal upset and an increased risk of heart problems. For chronic joint pain, patients may also receive corticosteroid injections, which reduce inflammation and pain in the affected area.

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