Review of Owens & Sons Aluminum Slide-On Trailers

A boat trailer is one of the most important parts of owning a boat. Yet, this crucial part of the boat is often overlooked and not taken care of properly. Proper boat trailer repair can guarantee a safe and trouble-free recreational time. In order to ensure safety and proper function of the trailer, you should take your boat trailer to a boat trailer repair shop for regular inspections and maintenance. Get additional information at Owens & Sons Aluminum Slide-On Trailers

To ensure your trailer runs safely, you should check the tires. If you notice uneven tire wear, it may be a sign that the axle is out of alignment. Also, make sure that your spare tire has the right air pressure. Carry a jack and tools for emergency repair. The last four digits of the tire’s DOT code are important for identifying whether it needs to be replaced.

Wheel bearings should be checked every thousand miles. If the bearings are too hot, you should replace or repair them. A spring-loaded bearing protector cap should be used to protect them from corrosion. You can also use sandpaper to remove any rust that may have built up on the contact point. If you have an older trailer, the taillight may be dim or blinking. Check the wiring as well. It could be a faulty connection or bad ground.

Another component that can require repairs is the loading mechanism. Most boat trailers use a hydraulic lift, slide, or rollers to load the boat. The rollers are rubber, and the winch is either manual or electric. Regardless of the loading mechanism, these components can break under heavy use and should be replaced or repaired as needed.

Brakes on a boat trailer are also another important component. They are subject to wear and tear due to repeated submersion. Brakes on boat trailers are typically drum or disc type. If your boat trailer has hydraulic brakes, you should regularly check them. Brakes usually include a master cylinder and slave cylinders inside the brake drums.

Proper boat trailer repair is vital for a boat’s safety and enjoyment. You should avoid leaving your trailer out in the winter or driving it on the road to expose it to salt. Wheels can wear out and dry rot, while electrical systems can fail. Cranks can also seize and other components can malfunction. If you live in a saltwater area, it’s best to contact a boat trailer repair service so that your trailer is ready for the summer.

A breakdown on a boat trailer can spoil your trip to the lake. After all, your boat spends more time on the trailer than it does in the water. However, most trailer problems can be prevented by following a few tips. These tips include the obvious and the not-so-obvious ones. One tip is to pack a spare drain plug for the trailer. Also, check your tires before a road trip.

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