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Several aspects of treatment are important in treating joint pain, including weight loss, exercise, and rest. In addition to these, there are various supportive aids that can be prescribed by your doctor. These aids help ease pain and improve joint mobility, while other treatments include anti-inflammatory drugs and massage. sports medicine near me has some nice tips on this. In addition to these, a balanced exercise program can reduce pain and promote joint mobility. Some people may also be prescribed anti-depressants or steroids to ease their symptoms and improve sleep.

A doctor will examine the affected joint and look for signs of inflammation and injury to the surrounding tissues. They may also order X-rays to identify any possible underlying diseases. X-rays can also detect deterioration in the joint and determine if bone spurs have formed. A physician may also recommend a complete blood count or sedimentation rate test to check for the presence of inflammation. In many cases, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and topical pain relievers can be used to treat joint pain, and exercises can help maintain range of motion.

Medical treatment for joint pain will depend on the underlying cause. The diagnosis is important because it helps determine the most appropriate treatment. In some cases, simple home care measures and lifestyle modifications may be enough to relieve discomfort. Other treatments may involve prescription medications, injections, or physical therapy. If you’re suffering from chronic joint pain, you should consider seeing a specialist for diagnosis. He or she will be able to diagnose the exact cause of the discomfort and help you determine the right treatment option.

Other forms of joint pain treatment include anti-inflammatory medications, dietary supplements, and injections. Injecting steroid drugs into the affected joint may provide relief but may be ineffective for long-term use. If the pain is caused by an infection, a doctor may prescribe medications or injections to reduce inflammation. If you’re suffering from arthritis, you may also need surgery. This type of treatment will only provide short-term relief.

Rheumatologists are specialized doctors who diagnose and treat inflammatory arthritis. They monitor the condition of their patients and make treatment decisions based on their findings. Likewise, orthopedists specialize in surgery and may be involved in the treatment of inflammatory arthritis when other treatments aren’t effective. While rheumatologists specialize in inflammatory arthritis, orthopedic surgeons are more likely to deal with injury cases. If you’re suffering from this condition, consider a referral to a rheumatologist.

Bone cancer is another type of arthritis that may cause joint pain. Bone cancer can spread to joints. Cancer cells that have spread to the bone can cluster in a joint, causing pain. Some cancers involve the bones, such as prostate, breast, and lung, while others are unlikely to. Some drugs used to treat cancer also cause joint pain, including letrozole and aromatase inhibitors. These medications can lead to severe joint pain and may require surgery.

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