What You Need To Know About Dratage

Savannah's port volumes mean strong drayage demand - FreightWavesDraying services are vital for the efficient movement of cargo. They are necessary to transport goods across short distances. Without these services, the entire chain of transportation would be ineffective or halt. The Port of Los Angeles, for example, is considered “America’s Port” because it handles $276 billion in cargo annually. The same can be said for ports in other states. But before we discuss the benefits of hiring a drayage company, let us understand the significance of this service. If you are looking for more tips, check out visit

Draying involves moving freight from a port to a parking lot. The process occurs when too much traffic at a port or rail hub prevents direct shipping of a product. This is especially useful for time-sensitive shipments that require fast over-road transportation. Draying services help shippers close gaps in the intermodal supply chain, streamline their shipping operations, and respond to any unexpected delays. Draying services help companies reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction by speeding up the shipping process.

Draying services date back centuries, when horse-drawn carts were used to transport goods. These transportation services are largely used for shipping services and are different from picking up packages at the customer site. However, the use of drayage services has increased in the last few decades, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic has affected global shipping and port congestion. In some ways, drayage services are the future of global commerce.

The importance of drayage services cannot be overstated. A truck, for instance, is not a single long-haul truckload; it’s a connecting shipment. And because of this, drayage services are necessary for all types of shipping. And if a container is delayed for an extended period of time, it may be subject to demurrage fees. The sooner it reaches its destination, the greater its value.
Draying services can be classified by the origin of the goods, the breaks taken during transit, and the end destination. There are six different types of drayage, according to the Intermodal Association of North America. Expedited drayage is used when the goods must arrive on a specific date. Door-to-door drayage, on the other hand, is best for moving goods from one carrier to another within a single company.

Draying services are a vital part of the logistics supply chain. In multimodal shipping, drayage is necessary for getting freight from the dock to the next mode of transportation. Draying also means the pickup or drop-off of goods at the port. This is a critical part of supply chain management, since it’s the only way to move products from one location to another. In this way, drayage companies can make their operations more efficient.

Draying services can be costly. However, the price of drayage services varies according to the mode of transport. If there are issues in the intermodal rail service, it is due to drayage failure and railroad service issues. Consequently, drayage providers end up suffering because their work is cut short. Furthermore, their work is compromised due to the unbalanced amount of containers that need to be shipped.

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